The Loci Cycle

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Hi, I’m Chris Munch – and I knew about Bitcoin back when it was worth a dollar. I passed it up.

Today, I'm taking what I've been doing for the past 15+ years online in ALL kinds of niches and applying it to the exploding Crypto niche.

I won't be buying coins – I'll be selling shovels to the gold miners!

Why? Because right now, there are people buying up websites left, right and center. They know it's only going to get hotter, so they're buying up all the 'virtual real estate' they can.

And I have a way to quickly produce the EXACT websites they want in under 30 minutes - then with another 30 minutes, do the ONE thing that explodes the value of the site to anything from $2,000 to $4,000 in a matter of weeks!

You see, I started my online business 15+ years ago, in an overcrowded shared house at university. I was putting in 12+ hour days and surviving on instant noodles.

Around that time, I made my first $100,000+ with a method that forms the basis of everything I do today… as well as 20,000+ people we’ve helped in their own businesses ever since.

By investing in the development of tools that automate 99% of the work I was doing, I've been able to grow an 8-Figure software company. I'm now on a mission to make these methods and systems accessible to everyone (not just the big players, unlike those who try to keep everything to themselves or inside small circles).

Right now, we have a "Once In A Generation" opportunity in front of us and thanks to the tools and methods we perfected over 15 years online - we're in the perfect position to take FULL advantage!

I'm inviting you to join me... there's more than enough room for us all!

Chris & Jay Are Bringing Their Disruptive Methods To Crypto!

Jay Cruiz – Around the time we met, Jay was stuck in a mind-numbing office job and like many, he was looking for an escape from the 'going nowhere' grind.

He wanted freedom and opportunity, to make his family proud and take good care of them. We soon joined forces and he added a powerful ‘missing ingredient’ to our business.

Not long after Jay came on board, we became the fastest growing company in our industry – adding over 350% to our revenues in record time.

Over 20,000+ People Already Know How Powerful Our Methods Can Be

Our Method Gets Used By People In All Kinds Of Niches & Industries So We Have A Unique Opportunity To Prove It Works Anywhere -- Even Crypto!

It Starts With The Simple Model We Show Our Students To Generate Passive Profits In Any Niche

This Model Is Great Because There’s:

NO Inventory Or

NO Service

NO Customer

This Is A Complete "Business In A Box" You Can Start Anywhere With NO Additional Tools, Memberships Or Paid Ads Required You Don't Need ANY Additional Capital To Run This Business!

It's Even Perfect For Beginners Because:

It consists of only 3 simple steps (see below)

You can “Farm” or “Flip” your way to “2,079+/wk” passive profits

You don’t need any special skills or experience!

"Loci Farming" | The New Way To Generate Passive Profits With Zero Competition

“Loci Farms” are unique news aggregator sites you can build with a simple push-button tool in under 30 minutes.

"Loci Farms" Have THREE Unique Advantages:

  • You Can Deploy A Brand New Mini-Site In Under 30 Minutes With ZERO Tech Skill
  • They Automatically Populate With Content So You Never Have To Write Anything
  • You Can Do This An UNLIMITED Number Of Times!

You Can Keep These Mini-Sites To “Farm” Passive Profits For Yourself In ANY Niche…

Some Of These Sites Can Even Be “Flipped” For $2,000 - $4,000 In The Crypto Niche!

The “Loci Farming” Model In 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Deploy Loci Farm Mini-Site Using Automated Push-Button Site Builder (Zero Tech Skill Needed)

Step 2

Drive FREE Long-Term Traffic Using Clever A.I. Tool (See Below)

Step 3

"Flip" The Site For $2,000-$4,000 Or Keep The Site And Generate Passive Profits Long-Term!

These Are The Only 3 Things Required To Generate Passive Profits In ANY Niche...

If All This Sounds "Too Easy" To You...

Well, consider this -- it used to take me about 12+ hours each day to get this running doing it all manually.

Today, it only takes about 30 minutes.
And while our tools, method and systems can now bring anybody to profit (even with NO PAST EXPERIENCE...)

I am NOT trying to make this sound like "easy money!"
I am NOT trying to convince you this is a lazy person's business!

It's a smart business using proven systems and powerful (user-friendly) technology that gets results, like this...

Our Hard-Working Students Profit From All Kinds Of Niches Because They Put In Real Effort & Always Ask For Help When They Need It!

All our successful students put time in each day and treat it as a real business.

Every single one of them put in the effort up front, asked for help when they needed it and kept on pushing!

We're Going To Host A 90-Day Profit Challenge...

You should be able to find at least a spare hour each day to grow this business, to reap the rewards. Going from 12+ hours to 30 minutes simply means you get much more done for your effort.

While this business is MOSTLY automated -- you are still needed to add "The Human Touch"

I'm not saying this to scare you, I want us to go on this journey together! It's just super important you understand this will take commitment and consistency.

We'll be there to help -- and there are literally millions of opportunities for you to apply that effort and make life-changing profits.


Before We Started In Crypto...

We And Our Students Are Able To Farm Passive Profits In Any Niche (Including Crypto!) By Deploying “Loci Farms” Providing Real Value In Any Niche

Once you learn how to spot "Zero Competition" opportunities in ANY niche, the way we've shown our students... You can make a profit anywhere.

So if you decide Crypto isn't your thing, there's a whole world of opportunity still waiting for you!

Take a look at some examples of what hard-working individuals have accomplished.
For examples, one of the "Big Wins" we saw from our community, even using an early version of the method...

$107,229.94 Loci Farm On A Single Offer With Only 12 Hours Effort – While This Is Not Typical, It’s Definitely Possible!

While "One Shot" results like this are certainly possible, we recommend setting up multiple Loci Farms.

You should end up with lots of little Loci Farms stacking profits like this…

This Loci Farm Turns 1 Of Every 7 Visitors Into A Sale -- Stack Enough Of These Together And Enjoy The Passive Income That Results!

Thanks to the Loci Farming method of finding "Zero Competition" Opportunities -- plus our secret traffic weapon "AmpiFire" -- we're able to drive enough free targeted buyer traffic to our Loci Farms and only need a few visitors to make big profits.

We recommend our students set up a few Loci Farms in different niches for a kind of 'portfolio' of Loci Farms...

As every now and again, you can hit a home run, like this…

More Loci Farms Means More Chance Of A Winner! Warren’s Makes $3,000 To $5,000 Per Month From A Single Loci Farm & Says “It Has Changed My Life”

Over time you can KEEP DEPLOYING these mostly automated machines to Stack & Scale your profits over time.

Just remember, it takes time! It takes effort! It isn't necessarily going to be an overnight thing (though it can be).

We expect a commitment from our students of 90 Days At A Minimum!
Because it’s a real business, simple to run, with high profits and massive opportunity.

Personally, my time is taken up running my 8-figure software company -- however, I was able to keep "Loci Farming" as a side hustle.

My Own $72,280/Yr Loci Farm "Side Hustle"

Now we've refined the model to such a degree, automating as much of it as possible...

I'm actually able to meet the demands of running and growing an 8-figure software company with a 100+ person team and STILL generate over $72,000 per year "Loci Farming", thanks to the efforts I'd put in up front.

I have it set up so it takes me only about ONE HOUR every THREE MONTHS to keep this passive profit machine running.

The 3-Step “Loci Farming” Method Can Be Automated To A Point Significant Earnings Can Take Only 1 Hour Every 3 Months To Achieve – So Long As You Put In The Work up Front!

Also, keep in mind, I have years of experience with this. It didn't happen overnight, but it shows you what's possible.

Many of our students make a lot more than I do "Loci Farming" and spend their time growing that specific business.

The point is, you can make much higher $/hour of effort than anything else I’ve seen... and STILL enjoy life!

And People Are Buying Up These Loci Farms For $2,000 - $4,000+ Each In The Crypto Niche!

More Results From Early "Loci Farmers"

There’s no precise prediction on how long it'll take to make your first profits. If you commit to a consistent daily effort for 90 days – we’re confident you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

If you join us and the rest of our new Loci Students though, commit to a consistent daily effort for 90 days, ask for help when you need it and keep on pushing... we’re confident you’ll get the results you’re looking for, no matter how big your goals.

We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure you do.

The key is consistency – do a little every day until you reach YOUR tipping point.

The beauty of this method is your efforts STACK every time you put in some time. Every “Loci Farm” you set up… Every “Amp Campaign” you do…

It’s all going to be out there, digital assets driving traffic and sales for you, for good. Unlike other business models, you’re never starting from scratch. You do the same 3 steps, every single time, rinse and repeat, Cycle after Cycle.

This is the key to real results, wealth and success.

We can show you how – as we’ve proven time and time again…

... And Now We're Going To Do It Together & Profit From The Booming Crypto Mega-Trend!

How We’re Going To Farm Crypto Profits Without Buying Coins Or Risking Any Money Trading...

(Over 75,500+ Opportunities Waiting For You!)

Here is why this is a "Once In A Generation" opportunity...

The Crypto Niche is right now exploding - we are in the right place, at the right time -- and have the right method to take advantage!

Using the methods I've practiced and perfected over the past 15 years online; I've already spotted at least 75,000+ opportunities to generate traffic and sales.

And the biggest profits are always found taking advantage of a Social Shift...

Crypto and the technology behind it is changing the future of finance, creativity, gaming and it doesn't stop there!

That's why right now, marketers, agencies and businesses are buying up "Virtual Real Estate" to take their share of the booming interest in Crypto that's only just beginning... we can fill this demand together!

Millions Of People Are Already Involved In Crypto And That’s Still Only 1% Of Those Who Could Be!

Celebrities, Hedge Funds, Major Corporations, Gardeners, Taxi Drivers, Doormen & Grandmothers Are Already Getting Involved… But It’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

And Together, we can dominate this niche in a way nobody else will...

We’re at the critical point where enough ‘regular people’ are familiar enough – they’re looking for opportunities to get involved.

Millions Of People Are Already Involved In Crypto And That’s Still Only 1% Of Those Who Could Be!

Even my own Grandmother asked me recently “Should I Buy Some Bitcoin Shares…?” Bless her heart.

When Your Own Grandmother Asks About “BitCoin Shares” It’s Time To Pay Attention! NOT To Buy Any Coins Though - But Tapping Into & Serving The Exploding Demand...

Since my Grandma doesn’t have a clue about cryptocurrency or how it works… She’s never bought stocks or shares in her life…

It demonstrates just exactly how the crypto craze is blowing up right now!

That means it’s the perfect time and place to start “Loci Farming” and rake in those profits!

Not to buy the currency yourself… Not to buy any coins and risk the ‘ups and downs’ that’ll make you lose sleep. But to FARM those profits without risking ANY of your own capital!

The Loci Cycle Way...

The Loci Cycle Lets You Tap Into Demand Wherever It Exists So You Can Provide Value & Get Paid...

Once Again - There’s No Need To Risk Your Hard-Earned Money On Speculation, Investment, Hunches Or Even Flat Out Gambles - Just Get Paid For Providing Value

The saying "In a gold rush, sell shovels" is a metaphor which suggests that when you recognize a gold rush is happening, don't try to be the millionth person to mine for gold, because you will probably fail.

By the time word gets out about the opportunity, bunches of people jump on it and the value is immediately diminished by over-competition.

Instead, sell something that all the millions of gold miners need, like shovels and picks.

Now you make money off all the other people that are jumping on the bandwagon for the gold rush, instead of risking your hard-earned capital hoping to strike gold.

You provide value to those who need it

You don’t have to be first - you just position yourself smarter.

Profit From Your Very Own Crypto Loci Farm!

PLUS A List Of Selected Underground High-Paying Affiliate Programs To Profit From...

You Can Get Paid In Regular Money Or In Crypto And Ride The Future Growth With No Risk...

… Or “Flip” Your Site For A $2,000+ Cash Windfall!

You aren’t limited by choice though.

REMEMBER: “The Loci Cycle” Works To Promote ANY THING In ANY NICHE!

So the question remains…

Once you’ve chosen an offer…
Whether it’s in Crypto or anything else…
Once you deploy your “Loci Farm”…

How do you get all that Free Targeted Buyer Traffic… without paying for ads?

And how were we able to turn a $10 site into a $2,000 site in 2 weeks?


How A 45-Year-Old Introvert Blew Up His Traffic Using Our Controversial Content A.I. & Automation Tool: Adds $30,000,000+ In Sales

An early student, Denker, started using our underground method to get Free Targeted Buyer Traffic.

He was new to our methods... but he soon found so much success, he began doing it for other businesses too.

Using our method to get new customers to ANY THING in ANY NICHE -- he added tens of millions of dollars to their sales…

… even while growing and selling out inventory in his own businesses!

One Of Our Hardest Working Students Drives "Free Targeted Buyer Traffic" To All Kinds Of Businesses Using Our A.I.-Assisted Traffic Automation Tool -- Exploding Their Traffic & Sales

The #1 struggle people face is driving profitable Traffic.

Most people do what they’re told by the “Gurus”, YouTubers… even legitimate marketing professionals. They swarm to one of the multi-billion dollar mega-corporations – and try to ‘hack’ their way to profitable traffic.

Unfortunately, there’s something you’re not being told.

Whether you’re trying to get traffic through SEO (Slow) or Paid Advertising (Expensive) -- it’s all based on algorithms. And to get these algorithms working in your favor… you'd really want a 6-figure marketing budget behind you.

Most People Try To ‘Hack’ Profitable Traffic – They’re Never Told You Need A 6-Figure Marketing Budget To Get These Algorithms Working In Your Favor!

People spend (hundreds of) thousands on Facebook and YouTube Ads to get their campaigns to work... Months and years trying to get their SEO to work… Not everybody has that kind of budget. Or Time. Neither did I, in the beginning.

Yet I was STILL able to drive good traffic and make good money WITHOUT paid ads or SEO.

Traffic Stats From When I Did Things The 12+ Hour Manual Way -- We've Now Solved “The Traffic Problem” For Thousands Of People Since Automating & Sharing The Method

Here's the thing...

We don’t concern ourselves with mass traffic. We focus on getting real buyers, actively looking for solutions.

One Visitor with Real Buyer Potential is worth 100x the visitors who just happen to be there -- even Google says so...

Google Values ‘Regular’ Traffic In Its Highest Value Niche At Under $0.02 Per View While We’re Making $2.23+ Per Page View Using Our Free Buyer Traffic Method

Nothing else gave us the Free Targeted Buyer Traffic we need.

So we created our own solution around the single most powerful traffic idea:

Get Any THING, Seen Every WHERE, In Every WAY

And we made getting Free Targeted Buyer Traffic as simple as filling in a form, with...

The Clever A.I. Traffic Automation Tool We Use To Advertise Anything On The World’s Biggest Websites

The World’s First & Only “Amplification” Engine

Automates Our Method For Getting Free Targeted Buyer Traffic In Any
Niche And Makes It As Simple As Filling In A Form!

Watch & See What Some Of Our Students Have To Say

How We Drive Buyers To Our Loci Farms For Free By Filling In Simple Online Forms

First, Use Our A.I.-Assisted Content Wizard To Draft The Content...

Fill In A Short Form & Answer Some Questions About The Offer...

An Article Is “Magically” Written For You...

Then It Drafts A Blog Post...

And An Audio Podcast Ad...

And A Slideshow PDF...

And A Video...

Even An Infographic Image!

AmpiFire Automatically Creates All This So You Can Get Traffic & Sales From…

Hundreds Of News Sites...

Popular Blogs...

Podcast Directories...

Presentation Sites...

Video Sites...

Social Media Sites...

Visibility In Searches On Google, Google News,
YouTube, LinkedIn, Apple Podcasts & More!

And Now Even Infographic Sites!

AmpiFire Gets All This Content Seen On Some Of The Biggest And Most Trusted Websites In The World Like Google News, YouTube, Apple And Hundreds More To Get Customers Without Paying For Ads

How AmpiFire Makes
“Loci Farms” Profitable

AmpiFire Automatically Gets Your Loci Farm Seen All Across The Web To Drive Free Targeted Buyer Traffic Long-Term...

And A Single Amp Campaign Takes Just 30 Minutes Filling In A Simple Form Online – Triggering The Hidden “Multiplier” Metric, Which Turns A $10 Crypto Loci Farm Into A $2,000-$4,000 Site!

Join “The Loci Cycle” Now!

You’re Invited To Join The Loci Cycle & Discover How We Generate Passive Profits In ANY Niche With ZERO Competition… And Even “Flip” $10 Sites For $2,000 - $4,000 In Crypto!

Here’s What You’re Going To Get
When You Join:

$4,995 Value
$9,995 Value
$5,940 Value
$1,995 Value
$1,164 Value
$2,364 Value


$1,995 Value
$995 Value
$500 Value
$1,995 Value
You’re also invited to join us for…

AmpiFire Live!


$3,995 Value

Your “Loci Cycle” Training is everything you need to get well into profit.

“Loci Cycle LIVE” is an accelerator event, to get you on the fast track to the next level. You'll be able to scale bigger, faster and with less effort... As soon as we set a date and a venue, your invitation and ticket are secured!


Your investment is 100% risk-free.

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide “The Loci Cycle” offer is not for you… we’ll refund 100% of your money, so long as it’s within 60 days of your initial investment.

And There’s More...

Since this is a digital product and you get immediate access, there’s nothing you have to return or ‘send back’. We won’t even cancel your access to “The Loci Cycle” training.

In case of a refund, you can still keep the course and make a profit with the knowledge you’ve gained.

So as you can see, the risk is 100% on us.

The Only Risk You Take right now is letting your life stay the same... by not using what you’re able to discover inside “The Loci Cycle”… by not putting our simple system to work, to build your own stackable, scalable passive profit streams online.

By investing in The Loci Cycle, I hereby state my understanding that:

  1. This is a real business and requires real work
  2. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and requires effort, even with the powerful software
  3. I am willing to put in 90 days of consistent effort and I can start at any time
  4. I MUST watch the training and take action on what I’ll be shown

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brand-the-loci-cycle-black-2 brand-the-loci-cycle-3
Instant Discount
1x payment of
Instant Discount Of $190

(Most People Take This Option)

settingbox-block Your Investment Is 100% Covered By Our 60-Day "Risk On Us" Guarantee
brand-the-loci-cycle-black-2 brand-the-loci-cycle-3
Standard Pay
3x payment of

One payment today, and the remaining 2 payments made in 30 day intervals.

settingbox-block Your Investment Is 100% Covered By Our 60-Day "Risk On Us" Guarantee

We’ll Look Forward To Seeing You On The Other Side!

Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz


Now you know the time-limited opportunity in front of you and the path to passive profits in Crypto or ANY Niche with ZERO Competition… it’s time to talk about Your Commitment.

If you’re going to invest in this program only to enjoy the dopamine rush that comes with ‘changing your future at the click of a button’... don’t do it.

Our most successful students put in the time and effort to MAKE this work. They were on it every single day, even if it was 10 minutes, they had very few ‘zero days’.

“The Loci Cycle” is the conclusion of 15+ years in-field experience…

Millions of dollars in development… Plus an incredible community of go-getters and front-runners. It’s the best training we’ve ever offered – with the best technology to power it.

The traffic method improves on the time-tested methods I used to generate my first $100,000+ online. It used to take me 12+ hours per day, but once I met the right people (a.k.a. genius developers…)

We were able to automate the method so even a non-techy like me could get the same results (or better!) for only 15-30 minutes filling in a simple form.

So understand this…

Invest in The Loci Cycle and you’ll have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make it work and generate passive profits in any niche, even with no past experience or tech skills.

From today, you aren’t constrained by a marketing budget or skill set. t’s only a matter of you and your commitment… you should expect to still be running and growing this business a year from now.

Ask yourself “WHY?”... why would you even want to have stable, stackable, scalable passive profit streams online? Why would you want the power to make a profit in ANY niche you chose, without having to worry about the competition?

And ask yourself… is that drive enough for you to put in the effort? Is it worth at least an hour each day for the next 90 days?

Because this isn’t about cars and vacations – nice, sure… but not significant enough.

Is an hour per day for the next 90 days a fair trade, to potentially have your mortgage payments covered for the rest of your life? To not need your day job anymore?

How about knowing you are the Provider & Protector of those you care most about?

Everyone behind and inside The Loci Cycle has a family they want to care for… and this business is set up for that. Nothing is ‘flash in the pan’ or luck – it’s all about consistency, stability and scaleable gains.

You’re covered by our money-back guarantee, which we honour without question – so you are at ZERO RISK to give this your very best shot.

So commit. Be consistent. Choose any other niche you like or start in the crypto space with us. We’ll support you every step of the way – and we’re here to stay.

If that sits well with you, make your investment and commitment now.

By investing in The Loci Cycle, I hereby state my understanding that:

  1. This is a real business and requires real work
  2. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and requires effort, even with the powerful software
  3. I am willing to put in 90 days of consistent effort and I can start at any time
  4. I MUST watch the training and take action on what I’ll be shown

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brand-the-loci-cycle-black-2 brand-the-loci-cycle-3
Instant Discount
1x payment of
Instant Discount Of $190

(Most People Take This Option)

settingbox-block Your Investment Is 100% Covered By Our 60-Day "Risk On Us" Guarantee
brand-the-loci-cycle-black-2 brand-the-loci-cycle-3
Standard Pay
3x payment of

One payment today, and the remaining 2 payments made in 30 day intervals.

settingbox-block Your Investment Is 100% Covered By Our 60-Day "Risk On Us" Guarantee